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Smothered by Sydney HD

By this point we all know I love to be squashed by lovely BBW women and when I met up Sydney I couldn't resist my fantasy of being sensually smothered by her huge round ass. Dressed in sexy black lingerie she completely covers my face with her ass and pussy, taking all my breath away as I struggle beneath her weight hoping she would never stop before I reach my limit.

BBW Ass Worship BBW Face Sitting Squash/Smother

Featuring: Khlea Khaos

play-button 05:22

NoTissue Snot Blowing and Nose Digging

SCRIPT: You're sitting talking to a partner/lover (you could pretend too) when your nose starts to act up so you wiggle it and blow out to try and get the booger out. This doesnt work so You also dig deep inside to see if you can get it out, but you still cant so you excuse yourself from your friend telling them that you need to get rid of this booger and go to the bathroom and start blowing your nose into the bathroom sink (no tissue, just snot rockets).

Nose Fetish Nose Blowing Nose Picking

Featuring: Khlea Khaos

play-button 06:14

Bratty Stepdaughter Gets Spanked HD

I was just trying to enjoy a nap when my annoying stepfather Seth barges in and wakes me up. He forces me out of bed and yells at me, saying I'm a fat lazy bitch who does nothing around the house. Who does he think he is, this was my Mom's house first! And I'm not taking any of his attitude. I yell back at him, that he's not my real dad before he pulls me over his knee, spanking my fat ass repeatedly until I can finally respect him as my new father.

Daddy's Girl Boy-Girl Spanking

Featuring: Khlea Khaos

play-button 05:33

Daddys First Porno HD

Is Daddy excited to make his very first porno? Let's start by getting your cock nice and wet. Everyone's gonna be able to watch me suck your huge cock. Your cock looks so good with my spit on it, and feels good in my hands too.Are you excited that I'm jerking you on camera? Watch me deepthroat just like the porn girls. Where do you wanna cum Daddy? How about my face? I'm glad you're laughing Daddy, we had a great time making our first video! [My Daddy and I had a very fun time making this clip. He was nervous and snickers audibly yet quietly after the cumshot so if that would bother you don't buy. If you'd like to see some more BG content support this clip to help motivate my Daddy to become my stunt dick]

POV Daddy's Girl Blowjob Cumshot Boy-Girl

Featuring: Khlea Khaos

play-button 07:52

Jerk to My Sexy Hairy Pits HD

I saw pictures of girls online with thick hairy armpits and it turned me on. I decided to grow out my own hair and three weeks later its getting dark and thick. I don't have to worry because being natural is way sexier and I want to share it with you. The sight of my hairy pits turns you on doesn't it? Stroke and cum as you imagine yourself rubbing, smelling and licking my sexy hairy armpits.

JOI Games Hairy Armpits

Featuring: Khlea Khaos

play-button 06:16

Snot and Sneezes 3 HD

More icky snotness, sneezing and nose blowing along with snot and spit bubble blowing.

Nose Fetish Nose Blowing Snot Nose Picking

Featuring: Khlea Khaos

play-button 07:38

Long Time No Teeth HD

It's been a very long time since I let anyone take a look into my sexy mouth. I show off every aspect, my big plus lips, my jagged gums, pale pink tongue and mostly focus on my teeth.

Mouth Fetish Tongue Fetish Teeth

Featuring: Khlea Khaos

play-button 02:12

Quick Piss and Slowmo HD

I took a quick gushing piss, zooming in and slowing down the speed for a sexy slowmo of the hot piss coming out of my cunt and running down my leg. I also let out a quick fart while relieving myself as I could not help myself.

Pee Slowmo

Featuring: Khlea Khaos

play-button 02:20

Quick Vape and Piss HD

I hopped up on my bathroom counter with my vape in hand, enjoying a few puffs before relieving myself right on the countertop.

Vaping Pee

Featuring: Khlea Khaos

play-button 08:54

Fat Pussy Shaving HD

I hop in the shower, soap up and shave my fat hairy pussy

BBW Hairy Pussy Shower Scenes Shaving

Featuring: Khlea Khaos

play-button 06:59

Big Soapy Boobs HD

I hopped in the shower, rubbing an ultra soapy lather onto my huge tits and massaging, bouncing and teasing you with them. MP4 file 1080P HD

BBW Boobs Boob Bouncing Shower Scenes

Featuring: Khlea Khaos

play-button 09:12

Snot and Sneezes 2 HD

A solo sequel to my original Snot and Sneezes (w/ Bianca Baker) I use q-tips to coerce myself to sneeze, the snot in my nose building up until I blow it up and slurp it all off my face.

Sneezing Nose Fetish Nose Blowing Snot Nose Picking

Featuring: Khlea Khaos

play-button 04:49

Much Needed Ear Cleaning HD

It had been a couple of days since I cleaned in and outside my ears. I take q-tips and swab inside then out of both ears, getting behind my lobes and compare the used swabs to determine which ear was dirtier.

Ear Fetish Ear Cleaning

Featuring: Khlea Khaos

play-button 03:59

Black Heel Bubblewrap Stomp HD

I show off my sexy new tall black heels for you by stepping on some thick bubblewrap. My entire 220 pounds concentrated onto the tiny toe and heel force the tough bubbles to pop immediately as I step and stomp over them, the sound of popping making me excited to stomp on more.

High Heels Food & Object Crush

Featuring: Khlea Khaos

play-button 10:27

Ginger Ale Burps HD

I took 3 mini bottles of my favorite ginger ale and chugged them one by one, stopping between sips to let all the gas out with sexy burps.

Drinking Burping

Featuring: Khlea Khaos

play-button 03:59

Smoking and Driving 2 HD

I light up and smoke a cig during my commute home.

BBW Smoking

Featuring: Khlea Khaos

play-button 09:02

Snot and Sneezes with Bianca HD

Bianca and I grab some q-tips and get to digging to try and produce some sneezes. I had much success but Bianca couldnt sneeze due to her stuffy, clogged up nose. We then blow the snot out of our noses in between digs.

Sneezing Nose Fetish BBW With Thin Chicks Nose Blowing Snot Nose Picking

Featuring: Khlea Khaos

play-button 02:35

comPEElation 2 HD

A collection of 3 potty breaks at my boyfriend's house.

Pee Toilet Fetish

Featuring: Khlea Khaos

play-button 09:02

Snot and Sneezes with Bianca HD

Bianca and I grab some q-tips and get to digging to try and produce some sneezes. I had much success but Bianca couldnt sneeze due to her stuffy, clogged up nose. We then blow the snot out of our noses in between digs. || HD MP4 file Category: SNOT Related Categories: SNEEZING, BBW WITH THIN CHICKS, NOSE BLOWING, BBW, NOSE FETISH

Sneezing Nose Fetish Nose Blowing Snot Nose Picking

play-button 02:35

Mini comPEElation 2 HD

A collection of 3 separate potty breaks while at my boyfriend's house. Category: TOILET FETISH Related Categories: PUBLIC TOILET, PEE, BBW

Pee Toilet Fetish

play-button 05:28

Stuffy Day Off

CUSTOM CLIP ORDER: You can place the camera in a place where your face is clearly visible (just your full face), but pretend its not on. You're basically watching TV when your nose starts to feel stuffy. At first, you try blowing one nostril (the stuffed up side) and picking your nose to clear the stuffyness but you realize its not working, so you get frustrated that you have to get up to go get toilet paper. Finally you cave in and go get some toilet paper and start blowing your nose (slow, gurgly blows) into the toilet paper. You use the toilet paper to pick inside your nose and clear all the snot (twist the toilet paper into a point so you can go deep inside your nose and get all the remaining snot out). Category: NOSE BLOWING Related Categories: SNOT, FACE FETISH, NOSE FETISH, FETISH, BBW

Nose Fetish Nose Blowing Snot Nose Picking

play-button 18:14

McDonalds Stuffing in the Car HD

Xutjja, Bonnie and I took a trip to a local and loaded up on fattening, greasy food to fill our fat bellies with. We squeeze in my tiny car and chow down in the parking lot, pulling our bellies out as we stuff our faces with the deliciousness. |||| HD 1080P MP4 version Category: FACESTUFFING/OVEREATING Related Categories: EATING, BBW, FEEDER/FEEDEE, BBW - SSBBW, EATING IN CAR

Eating Facestuffing SSBBW Feeder/Feedee

play-button 06:26

Mean Sister Wedgied in my Panties HD

My older sister, Bianca, happened to find a rogue pair of my huge fat girl panties in her room from when I did our laundry. She picks them off the floor and inspects them, insulting how big they are and compares her thin body to them. She puts them on and they sag on her, much to her amusement. I walk in and was stunned by what I saw. All I could bring myself to do was wedgie her in my huge panties, dragging them so far up her ass as I spank her and call her a bitch and make her apologize before I showed any mercy on her.||| 1080P HD MP4 file Category: WEDGIES Related Categories: SISTERS, SPANKING F/F, TABOO, BBW WITH THIN CHICKS, PANTY FETISH

BBW Femdom BBW With Thin Chicks Sisters Wedgies Panty Fetish Spanking

play-button 10:36

Double Squashing w Bonnie and Xutjja HD

300lb BBW Bonnie and 500lb SSBBW Xutjja takes turns plopping, dropping and squashing my chubby 200lb body. We compare ourselves as we go, how much Bonnie covers me versus how much Xutjja covers me, who has a jigglier body etc. The breath drains out of my lungs and I spend most of my time pushing out laughter and air as they crush me flt and turn my face red. Eventually I decide to take them both on at once, with a combined 800lbs on top of me! ||| 1080P HD MP4 Category: SQUASH/SMOTHER Related Categories: BBW, FEMALE FAT ADMIRER - FFA, BBW - SSBBW, FAT, BUTT DROPS

BBW SSBBW Butt Drops Chest Sitting Squash/Smother

play-button 06:17

Unrestrained Tickling w Bonnie and Xutjja HD

Everyone knows I'm a tickle monster, but I've always been tied up while tickle tortured. I decided to bare it all and let Bonnie and Xutjja tickle me without restraints. I try so had not to flail around like a madmen as these 2 sexy SSBBWs tickle my chubby belly and little feet. My face turns red as I laugh out loud, struggling to breathe as they assault. I take a couple of breathing moments so that I don't of laughter. ||| 1080P HD MP4 file Category: BBW TICKLING Related Categories: LAUGHING, BBW - SSBBW, TICKLING, FOOT TICKLING, BBW

BBW Fat SSBBW Tickling BBW Tickling

play-button 10:35

A Year of Intense Gaining HD

I've always wanted to be so fucking fat, to have every part of my body jiggle with the slightest movements, to have big huge tits and thighs and to have a hard time fitting into clothing. I woke up one day deciding to really go for it, to become that huge babe I always wanted to be. I decided I was gonna eat tons of calories of fatty and delicious foods all day everyday for a year to get as huge as I wanted to be. I bought a 5XL shirt as motivation and I eventually grew into it with massive weight gain over the period of a year. Note: This is a fantasy clip! It is not in any way my actual transformation. I start out as myself and the "me" is another model, Xutjja, who is the fat me. We obviously have different body types and voices but the story revolves around me rapidly doubling my body weight in just a year which is obviously unrealistic but hot to think about. (; Category: GAINING WEIGHT Related Categories: BBW, FAT, BBW - SSBBW, TRANSFORMATION FANTASIES, FEEDER/FEEDEE

BBW Fat Eating Gaining Weight SSBBW Feeder/Feedee

play-button 09:48

My 1st Butt Drops HD

Xutjja's slave volunteered to be the victim for my first butt drops! She guides me from behind the camera as I slowly lower myself and get used to dropping my 220lb body on someone below me. As I become more comfortable I drop harder and repeatedly land on his chest. Xutjja joins me briefly towards the end for a 700+ lb squashing. ||| 1080P HD MP4 Category: BUTT DROPS Related Categories: BBW, BOY-GIRL-GIRL, BBW - SSBBW, FAT, SQUASH/SMOTHER

BBW Fat Butt Drops BBW Face Sitting Squash/Smother Boy-Girl

play-button 10:10

My 1st Squashing 500lbs HD

This was my first time ever being squashed and I really set my bar high. I always loved Xutjja's soft and jiggly fat and always wondered what it would be like to have it all on top of me. I warmed up to butt drops by having Xutjja carefully plop her quarter ton body onto my chest. I even got to feel her massive legs alone on top of me and they felt like 200lbs themselves! After warm up I took some serious butt drops to my chest, having the breath taken from my lungs and feeling my ribcage getting crushed with every drop. I kept remarking at how hot it was and Xutjja even sat on my face with my head looking so tiny between her massive thighs. ||| 1080P HD MP4 Category: SQUASH/SMOTHER Related Categories: BBW, BUTT DROPS, BBW - SSBBW, FEMALE FAT ADMIRER - FFA, BBW FACE SITTING

BBW SSBBW Butt Drops Chest Sitting BBW Face Sitting Squash/Smother

play-button 06:00

1st Time Belly Plopping HD

My fat belly has finally started to hang low and I decided it was time to try plopping it. I walk over to my dining room table where my hanging belly touches gently. I put it up and let it plop back down onto the table to test the jiggle before spamming it at different angles. It was so fun having my huge belly smacking onto my table and watching the fat jiggle around and hearing the plopping sounds. ||| 1080P HD MP4 Category: BELLY PLOPPING Related Categories: BELLY FETISH, FAT, BELLY SOUNDS, BELLY DROPS, BBW

BBW Belly Fetish Fat Belly Plopping Belly Drops

play-button 06:20

Bellygasm II HD

My belly has gotten so big and squishy and I know you love it. I love it too, I love how fun it is to play with and jiggle and shake around all this fat. It turns me on, especially my cute lil belly button. I finger fuck my belly button and jiggle my belly moaning till I cum hard. ||| 1080P HD MP4

Belly Fetish Belly Button Fetish Bellygasm